Rosa Parks (Narrative)

Rosa sat, they say

So that Martin could walk

So that Obama could run


Really, I was tired


Of pale men at the dark end of the street

Of unwanted advances; pink flesh shaped like a dagger and used like one too


We survived pale men with nooses and dagger flesh

But it is the Brown boys that have hijacked my story




Ran all over the south trying to shine light at those dark ends of the street

But they’ll tell you it was the seamstress work that had me worn out


Mama said Brown girl, you are lovely in every shade


When brown trumps woman

Kills woman, sometimes

Refuses to see woman even in death


Brown girl, you are lovely in every shade

So color yourself strong, she advised

Your ancestors had legs forced spread so wide they gave birth to plantations from between them

Do not forget, Brown girl


We are not too tired